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The Wise Wife provides mentoring, online tools, live workshops, and podcasts to help woman achieve an abundant married life.  Anyone can be happy in their marriage but very few have the tools and ability to have one.  The current culture in marriage is that divorce is the easy solution when a marriage isn’t working out, but there is a better way.

Norval Abiona profileNorva Semoy Abiona is a Relationship coach, Inspirational speaker and also runs her own business. She is the #1 Amazon Bestselling International Author of ‘Time to Go: Leave Emotional Abuse and other forms of Abusive Relationships.’ She also has a forthcoming books, ‘I’ll Go 1st : 13 In-depth Tips on How to Transform Your Marriage Fast By Being a Wise Wife’ and which helps wives work on creating the relationship they want. Norva is known as The Relationship Change Catalyst as she empowers wives by showing them how they can Overcome through Change. She has spent many years as a facilitator. Working in the community and with couples, families and government organisations, she has helped to resolve conflict, restore broken relationships and thus transformed homes and lives. Norva has been quoted in Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS News.

Today Norva is the mother of 3 and in a happy relationship. She is fondly called the Chief Wise Wife because she has experienced the process of going from wishing to being wonderfully fulfilled.

Over 2 decades ago she was an unhappy frustrated wife in a toxic relationship. That marriage was so abusive and volatile that she literally had to run away for her sanity and life.

After leaving that relationship by migrating halfway around the world, she spent time working to rebuild her self esteem, self confidence, her academics and providing the best opportunity possible for her baby daughter.

She got reacquainted with a friend she met when they were both age 13. They became the best of friends, began courting and after 3yrs got married. Although they loved each other they still had heated debates, unmet expectation and feelings of loneliness at times etc. Norva admits that she went into the relationship with a lot of emotional baggage from her past.

Norva found that when she asked her husband to make changes that would make her happy, it was short lived and they kept going back to square one. She decided to focus on taking time to improve herself. She began to observe the good things that her husband did and how much they outweighed the issues. She focused on the positives, continued to improve herself as a woman and started to treat him like a king. She was mindful of the things she said to him, excited about surprising him, not depending on him for her happiness or fulfilment. She gave, not expecting in return, and began to really enjoy pouring into marriage.

It didn’t take long for Norva’s husband to sit up and take notice. He started paying her more compliments, helping out more and doing those things that she appreciated without her having to ask or prompt. All that had such a powerful impact on her life and relationship.

Norva went first in giving without expectation because she believes that it is the best way to give. In return she has been getting over and above her expectations of the relationship. She has been sharing her experiences with others because she wants them to experience the joy and happiness in their relationship.

For over a decade Norva has been sought after for her relationship insights, training and invaluable advice, particularly to women. Her no holds barred and comical straight talk keeps clients and audiences coming back for more.