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3 Ways To Bring More Intimacy Into Your Marriage

3 Ways To Bring More Intimacy Into Your Marriage Intimacy is often viewed as sexual relations, which is really just one aspect of intimacy. Intimacy can be emotional as well as physical. One aspect of emotional intimacy in a marriage is how comfortable you are with sharing your ideas or views with your husband. If […]

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Tips for Improving Communication With Your Husband

Everyone experience challenges at some point or another while communicating in their different relationships. In a marriage, these challenges are even more pronounced as you spend so much time with this person and the issues can, at times keep stacking up and multiplying endlessly. The situation is usually not as bad as we perceive it […]

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Personal Boundaries In Your Relationship

            As you look at the images think about whether or not you have set any boundaries in your life and relationship. Do you and your spouse know what “to respect and value each other” means and what that looks like? Are you respecting their boundaries? What’s your reaction when your […]

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10 Reasons That Can Cause Your Husband’s Eyes to stray

A lot of wives will complain about their marriage or more importantly their husbands not realizing that they might be the reason their marriage is not happy or why their husbands have started to stray. You do not spend time on personal grooming- Many wives get comfortable after marriage do not become one of them. […]

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13 Ways A Wife Can Bring Life Back Into Her Love Life

The term “Honeymoon Phase” was invented based on the reality that many married couples face during the course of their relationship. After the initial electric spark of love at first sight, beginning to date, beginning to live together or beginning married life together, the relationship can appear to burn out. Whether it’s from not spending […]

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