Inspiring Women Through Community

Our Statements


To increase the number of fulfilled women in the World.


To help women all over the World live happy fulfilled lives daily. We will grow our reach into a successfully sought after life style business brands worldwide. We want to be known for helping women live self-aware, progressively fulfilled and admired lives.

Personal Rebel Statement

My name is Norva Semoy Abiona. I love life and live a passion filled, purposeful life that is full of laughter and joy. I was fed up of seeing women exist and live by default instead of on purpose. So I created Wise Wife to be able to inspire, teach, advise and support them in making their progressive change.


To educate empower and enrich the lives of women through coaching, inspiration and support, toward them loving an authentic fulfilling life. I will share what I have learnt and introduce them to timely concepts that will help them be excited and fulfilled in their daily lives.

Purpose Statement

I will use my experience, knowledge/wisdom and belief to inspire people as I run my business in a honest, decisive, friendly and fun manner.

I will lead women through my talks, coaching and written correspondence to discover their inner joy, wisdom and authentic self. They will grow as they learn to make strategic choices that direct them towards living a wonderful, fulfilled life. This is to create relationships, families and societies that are filled with conscious, passionate and happy individuals. We will therefore help make the World more relaxed and a progressive place.

Value Statement

At the Wise Wife we believe in honesty as a central theme for all staff. Having an ideas sharing environment where all staff can express co building suggestions. We promote respect for all stakeholders, from supplier to end users. We aim to strike a balance of professionalism, with room for appropriate fun. We encourage personal development for all staff members. We encourage creativity to be fully expressed. We support total team interdependent, while embracing individual competent. We see God as the supreme guide in all that we do.