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Time To Go!

#1 Amazon International Bestseller

Time to go! Leaving Emotional Abuse and other forms of Abusive Relationships.

In her first major book, with is now a #1 Amazon Bestseller Internationally, you will learn the steps it takes to safely set yourself free from an abusive relationship. You will also learn how you can prepare for the move practically and emotionally. You’ll get an in-depth analysis of the different types and signs of abusive relationships. The book also covers some important guidelines on how to break the news to others about your abuse, and more importantly who you should tell.

At the beginning of Chapters Two to Ten, Norva reveals personal stories from her life and the abuse she suffered in her first marriage. In Chapter Eleven she shares about the excitement and happiness that she has experienced for over the last decade – that is her ‘new’ marriage. In the same Chapter Norva encourages you to think about the wonderful possibilities and true happiness that awaits you once you take the brave steps toward leaving the emotional abuse behind.

Everyone deserves to live their lives free of the stresses and pain that can be suffered at the hands of another person. Everyone deserves to know that there is respect. This realistic new book Time to go! Leaving Emotional Abuse and other forms of Abusive Relationships will put you on the path to self worth and help you recognize the abusive relationship for what it is. You will begin to more thoughtfully consider your well-being and hopefully set yourself free, because it’s Time To Go!

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