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7 Signs That Your Husband Is Still In Love with You | The Wise Wife

After the honeymoon period is over and you have both settled in with your lives, you may begin to wonder if your husband still loves you. This is a common thought in relationships. There are inevitable conflicts and you may not spend as much quality time together. In actual fact, there is no true way to quantify love. Here are some signs that should help to ease your concerns about his love for you.

1. Your Happiness Is Important To Him

 If your husband is making an effort to see that you are happy, then this is a good indication of his feelings for you. You may not be aware of all of the things that he is doing. It is therefore important to note some of the simple things he does that may be against his nature. Is he making an effort to put into practice anything that you have suggested? Does he make an effort to get you to smile or laugh? Does he offer to give you a massage when you are stressed or weary? These are just a few things that you can use to know that your husband values your happiness.

2. He Tries To Hold You While You’re Sleeping

Some men like to cuddle. When you are tired and sleeping, you probably want to continue blissfully on without interruption. Your husband may or may not have other ideas so don’t prejudge; just allow him to hold you. This is an indication of his feelings directly expressed in touch. He knows you are tired and wants to sleep, but he also may simply have a desire to hold you close as you would a sleeping baby. Hopefully, you should be able to recognize his love for you through this action. You can also feel free to use this suggestion on your spouse.

3. He Is Gentle With You 

If your husband is gentle and careful in the way he speaks and touches you, then you are surely loved. You are married to a gentleman (pun intended). You should not take that for granted, especially if it is not your husband’s regular personality with others. You are a precious delicate flower to him. This is his way of showing that.

4. He Respects Your Beliefs And Values

By showing respect for what you believe in and the values that you hold, your husband is demonstrating his love for you. An example of where this is seen is if you are of a certain faith and he is of another. He lets you be you without reservations. Does he support you without complaints? For example, driving you to your service or helping out with a fund drive. Be thankful that your relationship is in a good place.

5. He Loves Simply Being With You

If your spouse is open to trying any type of activity you suggest, simply to spend his free time with you, be very grateful because he could choose to do many other things. The fact that he wishes to be with you shows his value for you regardless of how that time is spent. He could just as easily avoid you by going into another room or leaving the house. But he likes being in your presence. Make a note of these times and show him your appreciation with a touch, hug or kiss.

6. He Loves Gazing Into Your Eyes 

The eyes are considered to be the windows to the soul. You should not be put off if your husband is fond of looking in your eyes. This is a meaningful expression of love without words or touch that simply cannot be matched. You should bask in his attention and set yourself adrift in his eyes. Shared moments such as these are to be treasured, as they will strengthen your bonds with each other.

7. He Says Sorry To You Quickly

If your husband is quick to apologize to you, this is a sign that he is considerate of your feelings. Of course, this only applies to accidental or incidental issues and not infidelity or abuse. If he says he’s sorry and continues to do the wrong thing, then he may be disingenuous. Be comforted in knowing that a quick apology is usually a good indication that your spouse loves you.

There are many other ways that your husband can show his love. Only a few of them are discussed in this article. Please feel free to comment ways that your husband has shown that he is still in love with you. Your thoughts are always welcomed.