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7 Ways To Becoming Your Husband’s Best Friend | The Wise Wife

Being a wise wife in today’s world can be more challenging because there are so many things going on. Life is so fast-paced and hectic. Having a husband who is also your best friend will help to improve the quality of both your lives. This is not something that happens overnight, however, you want to keep working towards building up your marital team spirit. But just like your other friendships, it grows the more you put into it. Here are a few suggestions that you can adopt to help your husband happily become your best friend.

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Share Your Interests

Whenever you think of sharing something with your friends, include your husband. Even if it is something goofy or girly, let your spouse in on it. This is the first instinct you have with your friends and you need to develop this with your husband. Include him in your inner circle and do not be afraid to let him see this side of you. You will find that he may begin to feel this way about you as well and treat you with the same regard.

Engage In His Hobbies

When you include your spouse in your activities, you then need to include yourself in his activities as well. This may not be as easy as the first time because men tend to like things that many of their wives have no interest in. Whether it is sports, playing games, fishing, hunting, or working on the car, men just like things that the average women would not do. While it is fine to let him have some time with the guys doing these things, it is a great idea for you to join in with him on some of his activities. Make an honest effort to get involved and suppress the feeling to get on your phone or tear your hair out. This isn’t something you always have to do, but it is important that you share in his interests, as goofy as they may be.

7 Ways To BeYour Husband's Best Friend

Be Patient 

There are times when speed is required and of utmost necessity in life. However, it is wise to give your husband some time and be patient. This applies to many aspects of your relationship, but especially so to your conversations. Men tend to hold in their feelings or reminisce about something before they give an answer and this may be very frustrating to you. This is, however, their process and rushing them is likely to get you an incomplete answer or one of frustration. Let your husband know that you are fine with him thinking it over and getting back to you as soon as he can.

Be His Biggest Fan

You love and support your friends in their endeavours. The same should apply to your husband. Be supportive and defensive of him, especially when he is not there to do so himself. Do not speak negatively about him to your friends, but instead speak about his good qualities. As a true friend, you would not consider betraying your best friend’s confidence; you should be the same way with your spouse. When you support and defend him in public, he will feel your love and find it easy to do the same for you.

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Ask For and Use His Opinion

Whenever you have need of a second opinion on whatever topic, whether it is what dress to wear or how to do your hair, ask your spouse. He may give you a glib response but don’t allow that put you off. Let him know you really value his opinion and you will get his honest view. If you are in agreement with his suggestion, then he will be happy. If you are not, then let him know why. In either scenario, you would strengthen your connection through communicating with him, just as you would any other friend.

Time Travel 

Go back in time by doing the things you used to do when you were dating your husband. Have date nights, where you can go to a dance club or go see a good movie. Getting out of the house and engaging in activities was surely a highlight of your life and it should remain so. Going out to eat at a nice restaurant is all well and good, but make an effort to get active with your spouse. Be his favourite pal to hang out with and you will enjoy yourself as well.

3 Ways To Bring More Intimacy Into Your Marriage Norva Semoy Abiona The Wise Wife

Become His Safe Haven

Encourage your husband to share his dreams and fantasies with you. Do not judge or belittle them. Needless to say, you will have to be forthcoming with yours as well. You just might find that the kinky thought you had of dressing up is echoed by him as well. These shared thoughts are for just the two of you and should not be repeated to anyone. You do not want to betray his trust in you, even to your oldest friend. This will pull you closer together in a more deeper and meaningful form of companionship.

It is great to have a best friend living with you and working with them to make both your lives happier and easier. Make the pledge to be your husband’s “bestie”. For more information on improving your marriage, get your free copy of The WiseWife Manifesto. Thank you for reading and as always your thoughts and experiences are welcome. So please feel free to comment on this article below.