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Wise Bride Preparation Coaching

The program will help prepare you for married life from a practical prospective. Many individuals go into marriage saying the vows of commitment, but they neither fully understand nor are they prepared to exercise the real love, patience, growth and sacrifices that commitment takes. We are not thought how to be a wife, yet we are expected to be good at it by having the insight and intuition to please our partner. On average a couple spends $27,000 on their wedding. So you could be starting off with the stress of debt after the fun of the wedding day. On the other hand couple spent $0 on preparing for their role. Think about that for a while…

 On a yearly basis approximately 42% of marriages in the US and UK end in divorce. Why? Lack of preparation.

Let us help you not be a part of the negative statistic!

Register your interest for She is a Wise Bride Preparation Coaching Program now by contacting us. There is an application process; we only work with serious, committed women.

A wonderfully fulfilled life and marriage awaits you Wise Wife.