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Positive Effects Of Demonstrating Love To Your Husband In Front Of Your Children

Tell him you love him while the kids are watching.

Today the percentage of happy marriages is far less than two decades ago. In marriages where there are children, what they see and hear from the relationship of their parents has a big impact on them in the short and long term. In order to keep the intimacy alive in your relationship it is important that both parents feel like they are receiving love. It is therefore vital that as a couple you do not shy away from demonstrating love to each other in front of your kids, or you will be denying them some benefits. Clearly you do not want to overstep boundaries, but allowing your children to know that their parents are in love with each other has numerous advantages. As the wife you should go ahead and kiss your husband in front of your children when you greet one another. Your children may be grateful to you now but are almost certain to appreciate what they have learnt from your relationship in the future.

Demonstrating love when your kids are watching strengthens the love you feel for your husband and is also reassuring to your kids. Kisses and hugs give them a sense of bsecurity and comfort.

A healthy relationship that is displayed in front of your children mean for them that is one less thing for them to stress about; they do not have to spend time trying to make mum or dad happy because their spouse is fulfilling their role. Your children are then free to concentrate on other things like their school work. They will be more likely to be better behaved compared to children from unstable homes and less likely to have antisocial behavior.

cAs you demonstrate love even when you face difficulties your children are less likely to feel stressed over things like finance, busy schedules etc

An affectionate marriage models how a couple who are in love should be, as kids grow older and get involved in their own relationships. Children learn how to treat and be treated by the opposite sex. With that knowledge your children are less likely to be physically or sexually abused when they are old enough to be in relationships of their own.

Marital love that is demonstrated can also have the effect of your children feeling more physically healthy. A happy child will generally be more emotionally secure. Their physical health is on average better because they are less likely to have unhealthy relationships with their peers, abuse drugs or alcohol.


As a way of demonstrating love it is helpful for your children to see the healthy way you resolve a disagreement as a couple. This can help them learn valuable transferable life skills such as interpersonal skills. Your united front may make your children think twice before they try to pitch one of you against the other because they can see the team work


If you desire that your kids grow up to have a healthy happy marriage, then show them what it looks like. It helps to teach children about love, affection and marriage which will prepare them for future relationships of their own. This will decrease their risk of divorcing when they get married. Your children will see good practice for both sexes in a happy, fulfilling marriage.



Do not cross the line on affectionate actions and words in front of your kids. This could make them uncomfortable and show them aspects of your personal life which may not be appropriate to share. As mentioned earlier short kisses, hugs and holding hands are effective but are not overtly sexual. Bear in mind that children mirror what they see. Be careful of the words you use on your husband too; you do not want to utter something private and have to answer questions about the meaning particularly when it is information that you do not want your child to repeat at a friend’s place or at school.

Whilst kisses and hugs are great ways of demonstrating love to your husband you do not have to restrict yourselves to that alone. Make a fancy meal, leave a suitable love note, say nice words and arrange for regular date nights with your husband. Each of these acts of affection is suitable in front of your children.


Demonstrating love to your husband at home is acceptable to your kids but you may want to do so in public as well. Holding hands is great practice, but when you hug and kiss each other too frequently or in an overtly sexual manner, you may embarrass your kids and may also not gain the approval of others. You want to convey a message to your kids that there is a time and place for different forms of affections.

Of course I am not speaking about pretending to be happy in front of your children and doing something completely different behind closed doors. No, children are cleverer than we sometimes give them credit for. On most occasions they can sense when things are not right with their parent’s relationship. For couples that have marital issues it is important that you seek the help that you need to restore the love and intimacy to your marriage.


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