Life is sometimes hectic and chaotic. It is important to bring calm and order into these situations. One way of doing so involves creating rituals. Rituals are various routines that you and your husband can follow to help further strengthen your marriage. They can also be a series of actions to help achieve a goal. Creating relationship rituals serves different purposes. A ritual may create an ambiance for things to come. Please consider the following 5 rituals to improve your marriage as suggestions that you can experiment with to start your own.

Start Your Day Together

If you are an early riser, then wake your husband up and hug each other for 5 minutes. You can then have him return to sleep. If you are the late riser, then let him know that he should wake you up for your 5-minute hug. The late riser may be grumpy at first, but having this physical connection with your spouse can be a good start to your day. If you are ending your day together with loving words, hugs or kisses, then you can try to start your day in this way. Simply being in each other’s company is good. Take every chance you have to show your love.

5 Rituals To Improve Your Marriage

Put Your Relationship Above Technology

Some couples are letting televisions, laptops and phones interfere with their relationship. It may not seem that way, but are you spending more time with your tech than your husband? Are you falling asleep with your remote or phone in your hand instead of your husband? It may be difficult at first, but you should try to have a set time where you both put technology aside and spend time together before going to sleep. Have a quiet conversation about anything that is on your mind or simply hold each other and enjoy the scents and motions of your bodies.

Laugh together

 Make a habit of laughing together by sharing anything funny that you see or experience with your spouse. This could be from posts you see on social media, articles you read in the newspaper or events that occur around you. If you set a specific time aside for having fun with your husband, you will both have something special to look forward to. You can use this time to be silly. For example, having a tickle session or making goofy faces. You can tell jokes as well. You can create a game about who can keep a straight face the longest while the other is being silly. Bring out your inner child and have fun with each other. This can help to improve your relationship.

5 Rituals To Improve Your Marriage

Create Signals And Code Words 

You can create signals or code words with your husband. This can be useful in many ways. For example, you can create a signal to say “I love you” or “I need a hug” for a situation where you do not want to vocalize this. There are many ways for you and your husband to make use of this type of communication. You can make a note of situations where this would come in handy and devise a code later with your spouse. You can also create codes for when you would like to be intimate with each other. This should not replace conversation. It just adds another way for you to connect with your husband.

5 Rituals To Improve Your Marriage

Give Priority To Making Love 

Sex is an important physical demonstration of love in a marriage. Are you finding the time to make love? Making love to your spouse may be hard to do when you are tired or rushed. You may want to consider choosing a time that both of you agree on. When you have done this, you can create a routine involving a massage or dancing together or anything that you both want to include. Be honest with each other and give consideration to new ideas or preferences that will not hurt your relationship. Take the time to explore and excite each other. Do not be afraid to give instructions and compliments. This is a ritual that you and your husband may find the most appealing.

What rituals have you and your husband started? How have they helped to improve your marriage? Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. They are always welcome. For more guidance on becoming an even more fulfilled wife feel free to download The Wise Wife Manifesto today.