Everyone experience challenges at some point or another while communicating in their different relationships. In a marriage, these challenges are even more pronounced as you spend so much time with this person and the issues can, at times keep stacking up and multiplying endlessly. The situation is usually not as bad as we perceive it and improving our communication skills can go a long way towards alleviating or reducing our conflicts with our spouses. Here are a few useful tips to help improve communication with your husband.


Rephrase your question to engage your partner

Having said that, loving yourself and loving your partner is what every relationship should be built on and communication plays a part in strengthening and renewing the love you share. Men may talk more in the early stages of a relationship as they are working to win their lady and after marriage, they may talk a lot less. This is not saying that they don’t have a need to talk, but rather they are comfortable. So asking your husband a question like “How was your day?” may get you a one-word answer, for example, “Ok” or “Good”. Your aim in asking this question is to engage him in a conversation but this may have been achieved if you had rephrased this question to be “What challenges did you work on today?” or “Were you able to get everything done at work today?”

These are just a couple of examples that can be tweaked depending on your own circumstance and of course this is a way of thinking that can be adopted. Most men compartmentalize and separate their lives as a way of handling different situations. If there are any problems at work, they try to leave those problems there and do not wish to talk about it. This does not mean that this is the healthy option or that you as their wife can’t help them by just listening. It is just a protective mechanism they could have developed.

By finding a creative way to ask a simple question, you can reap some real rewards in strengthening your relationship.

Remember the magic words

Be aware that when you ask a question it may not be viewed as how you intended it or if you are asked a question you may not view it as intended. A simple way to improve communication is to thank your husband for things that he has done even something as simple as taking out the garbage. This will show that he is appreciated and can lead to him being more willing to do additional things, as he knows that he is pleasing you and every loving man wants to please his woman. If you want to be spoken to nicely, then you should speak nicely as well. Saying “Please” is not showing weakness; it is simple manners, something that we are in short supply of in the digital age. “Please and thank you” are the magic words and it can bring back the magic in a relationship as well.


Find the right time to start a conversation

If you find yourself arguing with your husband often, then you need to take a step back and look at how you approach a conversation. Is it because you are annoyed or frustrated? If this is so then you are going to present this as you speak and will most likely not obtain the desired outcome. Think about what you want to achieve and also ensure that you choose the right time to have the conversation. Please note that while it may not always be easy to pick an appropriate time, during a football game or as soon as your husband gets in from work may not be the best point during the day, to start a dialogue. It is usually best to find time after a meal or to take a walk with your husband. Walking and talking can go hand in hand, so you can use this as a good time to hold hands and share some precious moments doing something together. Doing activities as a couple has proven to be a great way of staying happy as shared experiences will create memories, bonds and open up communication.

Take an interest in your husband’s hobby

Watching football may be boring to you and you would prefer to watch anything else. But if you show some interest in your husband’s hobbies, you will open up new lines of communication, understanding and respect. Doing activities together has proven to be a great way of staying happy, as shared experiences will create memories and bonds.

Remember this, every marriage encounters communication issues and if you are able to use this to learn and grow, this makes the journey worthwhile. A resource that can help you to improve your marriage life is The Wise Wife Manifesto. It highlights the importance of communication and other key areas for growth. If you want to live a happy and fulfilled life as a wife who has a great connection with your husband download your copy today.




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