A lot of wives will complain about their marriage or more importantly their husbands not realizing that they might be the reason their marriage is not happy or why their husbands have started to stray.

  1. You do not spend time on personal grooming-

    Many wives get comfortable after marriage do not become one of them. Do not throw away your sexy lingerie for those ghastly pajamas, still wear sexy but modest clothing, pay attention to your weight (go to the gym if you have to), do not use having children as an excuse for that extra weight, still wax or shave and take care of your body. Be the person he fell in love with, do not give him a reason to look at another woman because you are not keeping it together.


  1. You complain of a headache or another ache or pain most nights

    – Headaches are cured with a good orgasm so it should never be your excuse for having sex. Instead of complaining how hectic your day was and how you’re tired and in pain, allow him to massage you, build the sexual tension and satisfy your husband. If you don’t then someone else will eventually.


  1. He feels like he is at the bottom of the pecking order

Do you put everything before your husband from the kids, parents to even church? Then you are setting yourself up for failure. Allow your husband to feel important and take care of his needs. Shower him with love and affection when necessary and show him that he is important too.


  1. You are more enthusiastic to see a stranger at the door than to see him

How to react when a friend or even stranger knocks on your door compared to when your husband comes home. If you realize that you are not the type to greet your husband with a smile, hug and or kiss then it’s time to start doing that. Do not start arguments the minute he walks in (you should never let your husband dread coming home), instead ask him about his day, allow him to help you prepare dinner (as that is a great bonding time) laugh and talk together and if there are children around involve them in your conversation.


  1. You are boring in bed-you simply lay down and take it-

It is okay to be spontaneous and to still flirt even though you are married. Take charge once in a while and surprise your husband. You have made the vow to de with him till “death do us part” so fulfill both of your sexual fantasies. Talk to your partner about it and see what you both would be comfortable with and go ahead and try them out. If you are fulfilling all of his then he won’t have a reason to go somewhere else and if you are being spontaneous he won’t have the time to think about somebody else.

  1. He feels constantly criticized

Do not be the type of wife that finds a fault in everything her husband does or constantly make him feel less of a man as that will make it easier for him to cheat when other women put him on a pedestal. When your husband needs to be praised go ahead and do it. Also compromise, you do not have to nag him about everything and never criticize your husband in front of his friends or in a public forum, one thing that most men hate is drama. Wait until you are alone and calmly talk about the issue and find a way to peacefully deal with it.


  1. You don’t spend quality time together

Having children or a nine to five job does not give you the right to neglect your marriage. To keep the connection you both need quality time together. Make a schedule and try to have a date night at least once a week, program your free time to ensure that you can be able to spend time with your husband, send the kids to relatives or get a sitter if you have to and do something romantic.


  1. He is not feeling respected or appreciated-

Many times as a wife we forget to remind our husbands how much we appreciate the little things they do and how happy we are to have them in our life because we never think it I important, while we want our husbands to continuously woo and praise us we almost never reciprocate. Surprise your husband when he least expects it, it doesn’t have to be extravagant, it can be a note on the fridge reminding him how much you love him or have a best husband/father ceremony at home and award him. If he loves sports surprise him with front row seats and let him go and have fun. Whatever you do try your best to remind your husband how much you appreciate him.


  1. He feels like all you do is argue when you are together

Poor communication skills- Good communication is the main foundation of any successful relationship. If you realize that each time you should be having a conversation it turns into an argument then stop, start over and look at where the conversation took a turn for the worst and ensure it doesn’t not happen again. Do not shut out your husband or become defensive when he tries to address his concerns but listen or he might not want to communicate again and then the problems will start and he may be pushed to cheat with someone who listens to him.


  1. Not feeling supported while going through a crisis-

Men are emotional creatures just like us, yes they may keep their emotions hiding but that does not mean they are not affected by whatever is happening. If your husband has lost his job and things start to get hard instead of nagging him each day stick by him, motivate him and find ways to work around the hardship. Always be there to stand up for your husband, comfort him and remind him of his good qualities and how together you both can get through whatever is happening

The key is to realize the problems in your marriage, the root of the problem and to address them. Burying your head in the sand won’t help and if you realize that most of the problems and issues are caused by you as the wife then do not let your ego get the best of you, see in what way you can improve and work on improving.