Welcome to the second installment of this series. If you missed the first, don’t worry because this is not in any particular order. You can always view it after reading this one. As a short review, it should be mentioned that these articles are speaking of emotional intimacy and not sexual intimacy. Emotional intimacy may be more important than sexual intimacy because if you are not connecting emotionally with your husband, then you may find it mentally more difficult to connect sexually. Here are a few more suggestions on how to get you and your husband to a higher level of intimate relations.

 The Wise Wife Norva Abiona 3 Ways To Bring More Intimacy Into Your Marriage - Part 2 home workout

1. Do a little in-home workout 

Yes. We all hate working out, the sweat, messing up our hair and not seeing the results overnight, but and yes there is a very important butt … yours, which your husband loves to see in leotards. So whether it is just following some walking exercises from a YouTube video, going a little further with some buns, thighs and arms, get your workout on when your spouse is around to see your assets. You will get compliments which will push you on to greater heights and you can even persuade him to join you because you want him to be healthy and around for a long time. Sweating together, encouraging each other and having fun with it, is a sure way to ramp up your intimacy index

The Wise Wife Norva Abiona 3 Ways To Bring More Intimacy Into Your Marriage - Part 2 foot massage

2. Therapeutic Massage

 There is nothing like a nice foot massage at the end of day. If you do not know how to give a massage, then this is a good time to learn because this is something that you do not even have to budget for. Just Google it! There are tons of resources available for free that you can have instant access to. Most husbands would love a nice foot massage at the end of a day. Just make a deal that he can massage your feet first and then you will return the favour. You can add neck and shoulder massages or anywhere else – no judgments here. Of course a massage may become sexual, but most of the time, it is just a really good physical connection for you and your mate with the focus on healing and helping. That is something that should always be strived for. Well, that and shopping sprees in Macy’s and Harrods. But the massage won’t break the bank or cause any financial stress. On the contrary, it will provide stress relief, which is a welcome benefit as well as building an intimate connection.

The Wise Wife Norva Abiona 3 Ways To Bring More Intimacy Into Your Marriage - Part 2 tv

3. Binge watch a new series

After that massage and getting the kids to bed, it’s time to turn to a reliable means of entertainment – television. Have you been meaning to watch that new series your friends have been talking about or that you’ve seen in discussions online? Cuddle up with your husband and enjoy some time together while being entertained at the same time. The cuddle part is where the intimacy comes in, so if you’re not doing that, then you may have forgotten what it was like to be young and in love and you’re totally wasting that television in the bedroom. There are programs that you may think your husband may not be interested in. But cuddling up with you should be a good incentive for him to give it a try. Before long, he’ll be into it almost as much as you are … shocking! Being relaxed in the comfort of each other’s company is blissful and television, for all its bad reputation, does provide a medium for you both to interact with touches, emotions and of course, a good plot twist thrown in.

Shared experiences are great ways to increase the intimacy in your relationship. Always seek to spend time doing something together rather than doing it alone. Whether it sounds simple or complex, if you change your way of seeing some of the everyday things you do alone, it can become simple. Next week will be the third and final installment of this series. As always, feel free to comment on this article. Your opinions and experiences are always welcome.