Ladies here are two scenarios. First, your marriage is going great. You and your husband love each other. The children are happy and healthy. Finances are exactly where you projected they would be. Life is good and you want to keep it that way. In the second scenario, you are both in love and things are moving along but something is missing. The spark is not gone but it is not as bright as before. In both scenarios, you want more. How about surprising your husband? His reaction will be worth it. So here are some tips on how to do so.

Throw Him A Party

You can gather his closest friends and family and throw him a party for his birthday or a special occasion. However, it will be even more special if there is no occasion at all. Maybe you would prefer a smaller party for just the two of you. Dress up and look nice for him. Buy flowers or maybe light some scented candles. Make it a romantic little party. How about a surprise lunch or dinner date for just the two of you or with good friends?

7 Ways to Surprise Your Husband


Writing may not be as popular as it used to be but don’t let that deter you. Write him a love letter or a love poem and hide it somewhere he is sure to find it. Surprise him with emails of love or a text message at work. Insert little love notes all over the house where only he will find them. Hide them in the clothes he has picked out for work or in his car. You can quote from famous romantic writings. You can even put a personal spin on these by inserting his name.


Do you play an instrument or have good vocals? Play and sing for him live or do a recording and play it in a romantic setting. Make a recording of love songs that have special significance for the both of you. Get him to dance to them with you. You can even whisper sweet nothings as you dance. Of course, you can always just sit and listen to music together. Get silly watching your favourite musical and singing and dancing along. Some places have outdoor music which you never seem to have time for. Make the time to visit them once in a while.

7 Ways to Surprise Your Husband

Be Spontaneously And Playfully Romantic

Greet him at the door dressed as a beautifully wrapped present with a big bow at the front or back. You can try playing strip poker or some other game where the loser has to dispense with a piece of clothing. Leave clues all over the house that will lead him to a place where you both had fun in the past. Wait for him there so you can both repeat the activity. You can plan a picnic in the park or go to the cinema where your favourite film is showing. Dress up in costumes and role play. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

Give Him A Gift

Buy him a gift for no reason at all other than you are just thinking of him. Better still, make it something he has always wanted but never got. Remember when you gift-wrapped yourself? Can you think of a better present? Breakfast in bed is a nice surprise and usually reserved for the ladies. Well, it is his turn. A gift can be in the form of service. Do some of his chores that he hates. Run errands that he needs to be done but can never find the time to do. Set up a man-cave for him in a room that was never being properly used. Arrange for him to have a night out with the boys.

7 Ways to Surprise Your Husband

Try Something New

Choose an activity that you have never done before but you know your husband will love. It could be a sport that the two of you have never done before but can have fun learning. How about a pottery class? The movie “Ghost” made pottery romantic. Who can forget the scene where the couple made pottery together with “Unchained Melody” playing in the background? After class, you could both re-enact that scene.

Take A Trip

How about a romantic getaway together? Long term you could save up for a cruise visiting places you have both dreamed about. However, while you save up for that cruise, you could do a simple weekend getaway. You could go to a hotel or go camping. It all depends on your preferences. The important thing is that you are together enjoying yourself. That weekend getaway can be right at home. No chores, no errands, no work, nothing. Just the two of you being with each other.

So, you have been given much to think about and to do. So go get started. Put a smile on your husband’s face. You may have many benefits to reap too. Your husband may just decide to return the favour. Not to mention how much joy you will get from making your husband happy. What are you waiting around for? Go light that spark. Please feel free to get in touch. Don’t forget to comment on this article as your thoughts and experiences are highly valued.